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The infamous gym; the one place where some go to improve their overall physique, a handful go to meet new people, and others use it as the best place to take selfies. If you’re an active member of a gym or thinking of joining one this festive season, avoid implementing the below most annoying gym habits at all costs.

1. Exercising with make-up on

Not only is this unhealthy for your pores and skin, it’s also a little bit gross; ever so often tasting the sweet saltiness of your make-up and sweat mixing as it drips down into your mouth. Instead, why not go natural? No one cares. It’s your butt on the line at the end of the day.

2. Staring at yourself in the mirror

Don’t do it. Everyone else is staring at you while you’re staring at yourself. Sure, there are a few moments when looking at yourself in the mirror helps with your posture and overall technique, but rather leave it at that. Don’t admire your muscles at the gym. Rather do that at home.

3. Forgetting to wipe your sweat off

Please don’t go to the gym without your own towel. It’s used, not only to wipe the sweat off your face, but to wipe down the equipment after using it. There’s probably nothing more unhygienic and gross than waiting your turn to use a piece of gym equipment only to be left with someone else’s sweat.

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4. Taking gym/locker room selfies

Firstly, if you have enough energy to even take a selfie then you obviously didn’t gym hard enough. Secondly, if you feel you look good enough to capture an image and share it with the world then you need to drop the make-up, tie up your hair, and lift a few weights. Looking good at the gym isn’t what working out is all about.

5. Testing out your flirting skills

No one enjoys being flirted with at the gym; especially if you’re in the middle of a workout and can be mistaken for a wet snail. Of course, there are those who go to the gym to look good and attract partners. If you must flirt, flirt with the ones who look bored and uninterested in working out.

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