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Fat Fails: 7 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight

Losing weight in summer is hard enough, add the cold of winter and it’s a downhill battle! If you’re like thousands who go out of their way to reduce your pants size, but nothing seems to be happening, we understand. Regardless of how much time you spend on the treadmill or how many salads you eat, you just can’t seem to drop the kilogrammes.

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5 Important Menopause Weight Loss Tips

One of the perks of being a woman is the uncomfortable onset of menopause which can occur anywhere between the ages of 30 – 55; depending on genetics, lifestyle factors, possible autoimmune diseases, chromosome defects, and even epilepsy. Thus, you can never be sure when menopause will occur, but you definitely know when it’s busy happening. Forget about the hot flashes and mood swings, most menopausal women also have trouble sleeping and maintaining a healthy weight.

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pregnancy weight loss tips

Post Pregnancy Tip: How To Lose Weight After Having A Baby

As exciting as it is growing a baby in your belly, most pregnant women do contemplate what they have to do after giving birth in order to lose the excess weight. Perhaps you’re one of those soon-to-be fitness moms who maintain a strict exercise regime during the entire nine months. However, the majority of women enjoy this time “off” to indulge in those extra scoops of delicious ice-cream or pancakes.

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post-workout smoothies

Post-Workout Smoothies: 5 Healthy Recipes

No workout is complete without a post-workout smoothie, is what we always say. In fact, your body needs the wholesome goodness of fresh fruit and antioxidants in order to recover faster and maintain your health to keep you in the gym for longer. Knowing full-well that boxing takes it out of you, you’re going to need some help after the fact.

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working out

15 Lame Excuses For Not Working Out Today

Let’s face it, going to the gym can often be a struggle; especially if you’re not used to it. Your mind starts playing tricks on you and somehow, you come up with extremely valid reasons in your mind as to why it wouldn’t be such a good idea to go to the gym today. Don’t be ashamed. We’ve all been there at some point during our weight loss mission.

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weight-loss tips

How To Maintain Your Weight This Festive Season

It’s nearly time to let loose a little bit and enjoy the pleasures of comfort and joy in the form of your favourite snacks and holiday carbs. However, you’ve worked your butt off all year to obtain your figure only to be bombarded with all the things you know you shouldn’t have.

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