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As exciting as it is growing a baby in your belly, most pregnant women do contemplate what they have to do after giving birth in order to lose the excess weight. Perhaps you’re one of those soon-to-be fitness moms who maintain a strict exercise regime during the entire nine months. However, the majority of women enjoy this time “off” to indulge in those extra scoops of delicious ice-cream or pancakes.

There’s nothing wrong with that! Considering the changes your body has to undergo during pregnancy, you deserve to treat your pregnant belly. That being said, after giving birth, ideally you’d like to fit back into your pre-pregnancy jeans, right?

If so, here are a few essential tips to keep in mind:

1. Get your booty moving

If the idea of exercise freaks you out, it’s okay – especially if you haven’t stepped inside a gym since you found out you were pregnant. However, it’s important to get your muscles back in shape and work up a sweat if you plan on toning back up again. Start off slow if you must by doing something you enjoy. Need ideas?

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2. Breastfeed

Surprisingly, choosing to breastfeed requires an extra 500 calories per day, but burns 600 to 800 calories. So even if you choose to increase your food intake and refrain from daily exercise, you may still be able to lose weight. However, for health reasons, you should step outside of the house at least once a day and experience natural daylight and human interaction.


3. Remember to rest

“Getting plenty of sleep has been shown to help with weight loss because you’re not compelled to binge on high-calorie, high-sugar foods for energy,” according to Sheah Rarback, M.S., R.D., director of nutrition at the Mailman Center for Child Development at the University of Miami School of Medicine. Besides, as a new mom, you’re going to want to get as much sleep when your baby sleeps in order to avoid an upset metabolism and moodiness.


4. Include healthy snacks

Enjoy high-fibre snacks like raisins to keep your stomach full and “regular”. Snacking in between meals also keeps your blood sugar levels stable and your energy levels up, giving you the means to be an active mom without eating the wrong meals at the wrong times.


5. Start lifting

Popular to contrary belief, lifting weights won’t result in bulking; unless you’re adding specific supplements meant for muscle building. Remember, lifting weights will speed up your metabolism, which will cause you to lose weight. Alternatively, you can also include your baby in your workout routine by swapping the weights for him/her.

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Zenka Hattingh

Content Developer & Marketing Manager