1. Only registered and paid members may use the Work.Train.Fight boxing gym facilities.
  2. New or unregistered customers must register on the Work.Train.Fight website on his/her personal device or on the device provided at the gym.
  3. Membership is on a ‘month-to-month’ basis and may be cancelled with one calendar month’s notice.
  4. Membership must be paid by Credit Card or Debit Order.
  5. Credit Card & Debit Order payments for Subscription memberships will continue until one calendar months’ notice is given via email.
  6. All Work.Train.Fight Members will receive a QR Code by email that must be used to “check in” on the device at the gym, in order to log attendance.
  7. By registering with Work.Train.Fight, members automatically agree to and accept the Work.Train.Fight Member Declaration and Indemnity.
  8. Work.Train.Fight Trainers will be stationed at the gym for member convenience, but,
  9. Work.Train.Fight cannot guarantee that a trainer will be present at all times.
  10. Work.Train.Fight Members must adhere to class schedules, training programs and rules as set out by the trainer.