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It’s nearly time to let loose a little bit and enjoy the pleasures of comfort and joy in the form of your favourite snacks and holiday carbs. However, you’ve worked your butt off all year to obtain your figure only to be bombarded with all the things you know you shouldn’t have.

Even if you were nice all year, you simply can’t help but be a little bit naughty and still maintain your weight this festive season. Here’s how:

1. Eat in moderation

Whatever you do, avoid putting yourself in a food coma. Not only will you feel horrible during and after the fact, you’ll be doing some serious damage to your metabolism; ruining all the hard work you’ve been putting in to have it run as smooth and fast as possible. Rather, enjoy smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day. You’ll feel refreshed and always ready for the beach.

2. Maintain your exercise regime

If possible, don’t lose track of your workout. Even if you cut it in half, you’ll still feel a lot better and maintain your weight much more effectively if your carry on with a regular exercise regime. Regardless if you’ve decided to venture down to the beach for December or you’re staying put, find fun activities that include exercise.

Join a reputable boxing gym close by to keep your healthy and motivated while enjoying a much-needed break from 2016.

3. Don’t deny yourself simple pleasures

Just because you want to maintain your weight and perhaps even accomplish a few weight-loss goals, you don’t have to deny yourself all the treats everyone else will be having this festive season. It’s summer. Enjoy the ice-cream, but choose a small portion. Have some chocolate, but avoid eating the whole slab. Share a pizza, but limit your intake to two slices maximum. You won’t feel duped and you’ll be able to thoroughly enjoy your holiday along with everyone else.

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4. Drink plenty of H2O

Not only does water keep you hydrated during the hot summer days, you tend to want to eat less junk the more water you consume. It also keeps you regular and feeling healthy. So don’t forget to drink your eight glasses of water per day to optimise your chances for success once you get into your normal routine.

5. Opt for healthy alternatives

Just because it’s holiday season doesn’t mean you necessarily have to eat junk food. There are a few healthy, delicious alternatives that can replace the carbs in no time. Instead of consuming soft drinks, why not opt for a smoothy?

Remember, being healthy and fit is much more important than skinny and starved, so don’t feel left out this holiday season. Enjoy a well-deserved break and treat yourself to a few indulgences. You deserve it!


Zenka Hattingh

Content Developer & Marketing Manager