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Your very first boxing experience can be very daunting, especially if you have no clue what to expect. Men grew up learning how to box and fight, but to women, it might look very intimidating. That’s why we decided to give you an exclusive peek at what happens in a boxing class.

Is boxing only for guys?

No, lots of women enjoy boxing fitness workouts. You might even find that the women outnumber the men in some classes.

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What should I wear?

You can wear something you would normally wear to a gym, and wear proper training shoes. If you need some inspiration, watch this video:

Do I need my own gear?

You can arrange with the gym to borrow some if you don’t have your own. They can provide you with wraps for your hands and some boxing gloves. Be sure to arrive early if you need help with wrapping and gloves.


What is the session like?

It depends on the gym itself, but at Work.Train.Fight and other fitness boxing gyms you won’t be getting trained to become a professional boxer; just like Zumba is dancing to get fit but it won’t train you to be a professional dancer. The idea is to help you get fit while having fun. But don’t mistake “fun” for light exercise – some sessions can be extremely strenuous.

The boxing is combined with other types of exercise to give you a full workout. Don’t be surprised if you have to do box jumps, run laps, or do planks. You will get a proper cardio workout, or even HIIT, depending on the types of exercises the trainer decides to make a part of the routine on a particular day.

Boxing focuses heavily on your upper-body – your shoulders, arms, and upper back. Combined with other types of cardio and some weight and strength training, it gives you a full-body workout.

Also, you won’t actually fight an opponent. The closest you will come to hitting a real person is the trainer wearing focus mitts.

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How will I feel after my first boxing class?

If it’s your very first time doing a boxing fitness class, you will probably be extremely tired, especially if you haven’t been exercising at all. Your forearms and hands will feel shaky, even a day later. Your knuckles might also feel a bit bruised. But don’t worry, this is just something that happens after your first class and goes away as you get stronger.


Join in the fun and try it yourself – book your first boxing class today!



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