boxing for women

Boxing is increasingly gaining more interest on the SA front. Traditionally it might be seen as more of a male sport, but there are actually many benefits for women as well. Here are our reasons for suggesting boxing for women:

It’s very good exercise

Boxing gives you a full body workout. Combining both cardio and strength training, boxing is about as close as you can get to a perfect workout, incorporating other fitness aspects like coordination, balance, and reactivity.


It feels good to kick butt

Who doesn’t like that butt-kicking feeling? We certainly love it! And it can be especially empowering for women to realise how strong they actually are physically. Many women doubt their physical strength, and there’s nothing like a good boxing workout to build some self-confidence.


It strengthens your muscles

It makes you strong without bulking you up. As a woman, you never have to be afraid that you will end up looking like a body builder if that’s not your thing. You can do a boxing workout without having to do weight training that will bulk you up. Boxing pushes your muscles to their limit, making them lean and strong. The repetitive exercise tones the muscles of your upper body and core areas.


It helps you control your weight

As mentioned previously, boxing is also a great cardio exercise. It burns a lot of calories – anywhere between 200 to 400 calories per half-hour, depending on what exactly you focus on. Boxing can be classified as high-intensity interval training (HIIT), as it switches between intervals of using all your strength and active resting. And because you are also improving your strength, power, and boosting your metabolism, your body will burn more calories even while you’re not busy working out. In addition to burning calories, boxing also burns visceral fat – the bad fat around your stomach.


It has mental benefits

While this is true for most exercise, boxing is no different. It helps improve your focus and mental wellbeing. Boxing is believed to be a great stress-reliever, too. However, if you’re suffering from any health conditions, especially stress-related illnesses, rather discuss boxing training with your doctor before joining a class – sometimes exercise can do more harm than good.


Girls, muster the courage to attend a boxing class and see for yourself!


Somarié De Kock