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Most people know that you need boxing gloves when you want to box. But what else can you expect to find in a boxing gym like Work.Train.Fight? Here is our beginner’s guide to boxing equipment:


Firstly: Do you need your own gear?

To train at Work.Train.Fight, you don’t need to bring your own gear if you’re just starting out. You can arrange with the gym to provide you with what you need. You do, however, need to wear your own comfortable training shoes. Also, wear some comfortable gym clothes.


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Boxing gloves

Okay, so we need to state the obvious – you need boxing gloves. But did you know that you will be assigned boxing gloves according to your weight and the type of boxing training you will be doing? Find out more here.


Hand wraps

“Hand wraps have three functions. Firstly to protect your wrists, secondly to protect the metacarpal bones in your hand, and thirdly to make you look badass.” – Schalk van der Walt.

Apart from that, the wraps prevent your hands from moving around inside the gloves and absorbs the impact of the blows.


Focus mitts

These are padded targets the trainer wears on their hands. This is for you to practise your striking and combinations.


Protective gear

As we’re not training you to become a professional boxer, you won’t actually fight an opponent. Therefore, we don’t really need protective gear at our gym, because nobody will be punching you back. But just to fill you in, protective gear typically includes mouth guards, headgear, and groin protectors.


Punching bags

There are a variety of punching bags of which one is called a “heavy bag”; they weigh about 30kg and are made of a durable vinyl material, leather, or canvas. The filling can be soft or hard. You use them to – you guessed it – practise your punching.


The Slam Man

He is basically a man-shaped punching “bag”. You also use him to practise your punches and combinations.


Other equipment

Other gym equipment is used in combination with the boxing equipment and technique to increase your overall strength and fitness. We regularly use gym equipment like exercise bikes and weights. Some of the more unconventional equipment we like to incorporate include boxes and tyres. (Yes, you read that right.)



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