weight loss tips

With the beginning of summer only a few days away, it’s about time to get your booty back into shape the healthy kind of way. Although there are so many quick fixes on the market, they rarely give you lasting results; leaving you feeling frustrated and completely miserable. However, there are a few helpful ways of kick starting your summer weight-loss regime in the most healthy and effective ways possible.

1. Incorporate a jump rope

As one of the easiest workouts to perform, skipping for a few minutes a day will reduce your waist size and increase your heart health; which is one of the most important reasons for working out in the first place. Take it slow in the beginning and work your way up to 200 skip intervals in between lifting a few weights.

2. Get your mind right

Your mind is more powerful than you think, so don’t ever leave it behind when entering the gym. Believe in yourself enough to know that you can ensure the sweat and ultimate agony when you feel you can’t lift one more weight. Be kind to yourself and know that you’ll get where you want to be, fitness-wise, as long as you remain positive.

3. Set realistic goals

Be strict and determined, but don’t set yourself up for obvious failure. Realistic goals are those which stretch your comfort zone slightly, but don’t make it impossible for you to reach your fullest potential. Give yourself enough time to reach your goals, but be determined enough to know that you’ll achieve your set goals.

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4. Be mindful of what you eat

You simply can’t expect to get your booty in shape if you don’t adjust your diet. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to cut out everything you love eating. Reduce your portion sizes, improve your diet choices, but don’t leave behind the occasional treat. After all, you deserve it!

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5. Hit a few punches

Boxing is one of the best exercise methods you can implement in order to tone and get healthy. Join a reputable boxing gym that knows exactly how to implement boxing into your lifestyle; ensuring you get your booty back in no time. Besides, you get to release a few frustrations at the same time.

6. Find a workout buddy

Starting a new workout regime is one of the toughest things you can do, so why not completely skip that struggle and find someone to support you along the way. This person can be on the same level with very little workout experience, or a personal trainer. Either way, you’re in this together. You have someone holding you accountable for slacking.


Although summer is a great incentive to get your body back in shape, your health should always come first; regardless of the season. So make an effort all year round to live a healthy lifestyle and reap the rewards once the hot summer months roll around.


Zenka Hattingh

Content Developer & Marketing Manager