Winter workout tips

Unfortunately, winter is quickly creeping in, turning your normal everyday workout routine into something to be dreaded. Not only is it tough enough getting out of bed on a cold winters day, working out seems to be the last thing on your list. Apart from wanting to eat all the time and stay warm and cosy under a blanket, we lack the motivation to get our bodies in shape. With all the layering, no one’s going to see the extra love handle, right?

Wrong! In order to remain healthy and avoid feeling miserable once summer rolls around again, it’s important to stay on track with your workout routine.

Here’s how you can stay motivated to exercise during winter:

1. Go indoors

Whilst hiking may be a fun activity in summer, it may not be one of the most comfortable things to do on a cold, rainy day. Instead, why not move your workout indoors where it’s warm cosy? You can easily achieve this by joining an affordable boxing gym in Pretoria to keep the blood flowing.


2. Adapt your workout clothes

There’s no such thing as a bad day, only badly adapted clothing. Avoid wearing shorts to remain comfortable during your workouts. In summer, this is ideal. However, in winter, it’s important to choose appropriate clothing (especially if you’re choosing an outdoor workout). Remember, you’re only as comfortable as you make it.


3. Incorporate a friend

Want to stay motivated? Why not ask a friend join you on your workouts? Not only will this keep you accountable to actually show up to your classes, but you’ll have someone to laugh with and share tough workout sessions with. Besides, we all need a friend to help us through uncomfortable situations.


4. Start your day off right

Instead of getting up in the morning, putting on your workout clothes, and heading to the gym like every other summer morning, motivate yourself by jumping in a steamy shower and playing some upbeat music. Sounds fun, right? It’s all about what you make of the situation instead of the situation taking control over your life.


5. Create artificial heat

Getting out of bed cold isn’t any fun, however, if you make it steamy enough to force you out of bed, it’s a win-win situation. If possible, turn up the heat in your house before having to get out of bed, leaving your feet toasty and ready for a run.

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Yes, working out during winter is tough. There’s no way getting around it. However, there are certain things you can do to improve your mood in order to keep going on those cold, miserable days. Besides, not only will it increase blood flow in order to warm you up, you can rest well at night knowing that you’re not piling on the pounds (or kilograms) whilst trying to comfort yourself.


Zenka Hattingh

Content Developer & Marketing Manager